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Tumblr. What have you done?

Yeah. Time to blame the shit out of this site. Since I joined tumblr and began to enjoy the many wonders of this place, I have become interested in 1, 2, 3, 4 shows that I thought I would honestly never get into.

The one to kick things off…

I never thought I would get into this show, even though it’s right up my alley. Thanks for that, tumblr, for making me fangirl over yet another British TV show. Tumblr has allowed me to watch the British Big Three (Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Merlin…though I feel Life on Mars should be here as well).

The next show that this site dragged me into is…

Inu x Boku SS. I am not a fan of romance in anime (I’d say shoujo, but this is shounen, right?). I normally avoid it like the plague because of the female lead. This show left me very, very pleasantly surprised, and now I’m waiting eagerly for the next chapter to be released.

The third show, a more recent one, and thanks to posts showing up on my dash, is:

Sakamichi no Apollon. I played flute for 4 years in school (quit because of marching band), and I’ve always liked jazz music. The only anime I’ve ever watched that actually revolved around music is Fujimi Orchestra, but I jumped head first into this one and I’m excited for the next episode to come out.

And finally, the last show, the show that I just got into today:

Though this is a bit off. What I’ve been seeing are reblogs of a character from Mononoke, and I guess that Mononoke is a sort of sequel/spin-off of one of the stories in this. The whole thing is just up my alley.

So. TL;DR: Tumblr, I bow down to you, you are amazing and wonderful and all things good.