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[Image is sad Kurogane in the acid rain.]

[Text: (952): I need a good cry or an orgasm and neither of them are gonna happen to me and i’m so frustrated]

A Summary of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
Syaoran: I'm not the real Syaoran.
Sakura: I'm not the real Sakura.
Fai: I'm not the real Fai.
Kurogane: what the fuck


Artist: あいじ

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Are you ever super obsessed with something for a while and then it fades out into you casually liking the thing and then something triggers it and suddenly it’s back to full blown obsession

30 Day Clamp Challenge



Day - 10

Least Favorite Male Character



Yes. You read that right.


Now, I have characters I don’t like from Clamp - male, female etc. I don’t hate any of them (there is no Clamp character that I hate) and I don’t hate Fai either. (No matter how in this post it might seem like it.)

But I most certainly don’t love him. Nor do I really like him.

I chose Fai because he a main character in his series, and a well known one in Clamp fandom.

So…Why don’t I like Fai?

For one, throughout the entire run of Tsubasa, Fai doesn’t do much. Sure, he cannot use his magic (and later gives it up), but while other characters learn to use swords, go on missions by themselves, do things to help the group - Fai just offers banter and support. That’s fine, but I’m pretty sure he could have picked up something else along the way, and done more for the group physically instead of just tagging along.
(Yes, it was predetermined but still.) Beyond his magic, physically what does Fai do?

And yes, Fai’s past was bad, and it was tragic. But he’s not the only Clamp character who has had wretched things happen to him. Heck - at least Fai gets a pretty happy ending unlike some poor bastards.


I also really dislike how he fell apart during the Infinity Arc. YES we know your past sucks, YES we know you’re having problems - but the group NEEDS you in this desperate hour, and you’re contributing nothing to help them. All he’s doing it keeping secrets, lying (more), planning things, and helping to dissolve the group when what the group needs most is stability and reassurance from each other.

In this moment, Kurogane is the one who keeps the group together -like always-, yet he never gets credit for it. At all.

Like one person from Clamp Confessions said:

"I hate how the fandom tends to idealize Fai’s behavior that is clearly destructive for him and others around him."

Why do they do this? Because Fai is “cute” or he’s with Kuro-poo so therefore yaoi-bait gets support? When Sakura fell apart during Infinity, she had a LOT of bashers. She didn’t deserve it, but again - no one said anything negative about Fai but worshiped him.

Let’s give examples of Clamp characters with crappy lives who actually don’t fall apart, don’t lie/hide things, and continue to help where they can.

Ran (C) from Clover has a very sad life. He’s kept apart from the rest of society because of what he is and made to live in what is pretty much a jail. He finally gets to be free, but he has to remain in his new home and never leave it, and he will age very fast and die within five years. Does he sulk? No. He keeps house for Gingetsu, helps with technical things, helps Suu and Kazuhiko…

No, his life sucks but he doesn’t fall apart.

When Yuuko dies in xxxholic, Watanuki’s personality changes fully because of it, and he continues to miss her horribly. But does he stop his duty? NO. He actually takes on MORE of a burden and bears it willingly, and continues to live on while everyone - all his friends, all his loved ones - around him dies.

His life is miserable, but he continues on.

Subaru is possibly the best example, since he has the worst life of any Clamp character, and continuously gets screwed in all the series he’s in including Tsubasa. Yes: Subaru does fall apart in Tokyo Babylon after his sister is murdered by his special person - Seishirou. And not only that, but Seishirou had Subaru’s life on bet for one year, and marked him as his prey-to-kill when Subaru was nine, then erased Subaru’s memories. But Subaru continues on, personality completely changed after his sister is murdered - still does his duty, still is Clan head and later on in X - fights in the Apocalypse on the opposite side of his special person yet again. When Seishirou dies, Subaru’s lost everything (if he ever had anything in the first place) - but he continues on, and doesn’t break, doesn’t complain. And the best part is through all his pain he doesn’t lie, doesn’t hide his past, and still comforts people and helps them. All the while remaining kind and gentle.

…So pretty much Fai’s the only character who doesn’t do anything and does become a headache for (Kurogane) and causes problems. But of course since it’s Fai - fandom just passes it all.

I think Fai is seriously overrated and gets way too much credit. If anyone deserves the credit in Tsubasa R.C for never faltering, always being there, helping the group physically and mentally, supporting everyone, for always being stable even in the group’s darkest hour - it’s Kurogane.

But Fai’s always the one taking credit and being loved even when he is in his most toxic state.


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boys can u not

my heart can’t handle it



[Image: Syaoran joins Fai and Kurogane before departing for Clow.]

[Text: (707): People shouldn’t leave you two alone together. You’re just going to end up having sex.]


[Image: Kurogane yells at Fai. Scene is from when he tells him to ‘SHUT UP!’ in Tokyo.]



'you who once were left behind
will be welcome at love's table'
--Julie Miller, 'By Way of Sorrow'